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Dear Seeing Color Author

Dear Seeing Color Author,

This was such a great idea. I’m really excited to see what you write! I’ve got some suggestions below, but if there’s a story about any of these characters that you’ve been dying to write, go ahead.

General likes: gen, friendships, found family, plot, character studies, humor, angst, banter, magic, mythology, characters doing amazing things, characters being smart, crossovers (as long as I’m familiar with the other fandom - see my ao3 account and my tumblr). I’m okay with relationships, but I’d prefer if they weren’t the main focus of the story.

General dislikes: explicit sex, rape/non-con, mundane au’s (i.e. coffee shop, high school, etc).

Continuum - Matthew Kellog

Kellog as king of the cavemen! If there was ever a person who could figure out how to turn accidental time travel to a pre-civilization era to their advantage, it would be him. He would probably take great pleasure in confusing future archaeologists too.

Continuum - Lucas Ingram, Travis Verta, Matthew Kellog, Sonya Valentine

I’m interested in post-series stories, like what the lives of the members of Liber8 were like in the alternate future that Kiera created. I’d imagine that Alec kept an eye on all of them, and he probably recruited Lucas for SadTech the instant he could.

Humans - Fred
Fred’s monologue to Hobb about healing the injured fox was SO COOL! I love the fact that Fred can do the impossible - that he’s not bound by human limitations, and he knows it. I’d like a story about Fred’s early life: his feelings about his siblings and his father, his introduction to music, the way he looks at challenges and finds the most logical and efficient way to overcome them.

The Librarians - Ezekiel Jones
Ezekiel Jones as some sort of minor deity of thieves and con artists. Because of that scene in “And the Cost of Education” where he’s bragging that even he doesn’t know how he pulled off some of the things he’s done. Or really any story that gives Ezekiel depth and a chance to care about his friends.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Amara

I’d love the story of Amara searching for a way to free her sons, discovering dark magic, and learning how to use it all while trying to remain worthy of the sacrifice that they made for her.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Julian Bashir & Elim Garak

My favorite parts of the relationship between these two are how much Julian cares about Garak's well-being (and how much that means to Garak even if he doesn't want to admit it), and the way that Garak challenges Julian like no one else on the station does. I'd like to know how Garak's lecture on surveillance techniques went, and what the two of them practicing together might have looked like. I’d also be happy with the two of them doing just about anything- discussing more literature, playing tennis, etc.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Keiko O'Brien

Keiko’s ability to teach her students about a variety of subjects was incredibly impressive. I would like to know more about how she set up the school- how she decided what topics to teach her students, how she came up with lesson plans and class projects, etc. Whether or not she worried about projecting Federation values onto her non-Federation Bajoran and Ferengi students. If she asked Kira to speak to the class about the occupation of Bajor and then regretted how much graphic detail the students were given.

Star Trek: The Original Series - Nyota Uhura
Uhura at Starfleet Academy learning languages (possibly with Hoshi Sato as a professor or guest speaker?). Or an instance where the universal translators failed for some reason, and Uhura had to figure out an alien language with almost no context. Or anything that allows Uhura to use her training.

Stargate Atlantis - Teyla Emmagan

We didn’t get to see nearly enough of Athosian culture on the show! I’d like a fic about Teyla training to become a leader, learning how to be a good trader, and/or learning the traditional songs of her people. Or her conducting religious rituals for the Athosians living on Atlantis, or maybe some kind of naming ceremony for her son.

Again, these are just ideas. I’ll happily read just about anything you want to write about these characters. Thanks for taking part in this exchange, and I’m looking forward to August 17!