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SG-1 Alphabet Soup

I've written a fic for sg_fignewton's Time Travel Alphabet Soup!

Title: U is for Unrealized Reality
Author: antonomasia09
Category: Gen
Fandoms: Stargate SG-1/Farscape
Warning: (Non-permanent) major character death
Spoilers: Children of the Gods, 48 Hours, Line in the Sand
Word Count: 4369
Story Notes: Thanks to my betas brinnanza and sg_fignewton for their help and encouragement. I've been assured that this makes sense even if you haven't seen Farscape.

Summary: While trapped in the wormhole during "48 Hours," Teal'c gets help from a strange man.

Teal’c is in a vast desert, nothing but gently sloping sands as far as his eye can see in every direction. There is no Stargate, no sign of how he came to be here. The cannon he used to destroy Tanith’s ship is still in his hands. He grasps it tightly lest it disappear, as the Stargate must have.

The rest is here on AO3.